Monday, September 22, 2008

First impressions


Well.. where do I start??! After three great days of training and fun in Rome (at WFP headquarters, with the other interns), I arrived safely in Ouagadougou, referred to as 'Ouaga', on Saturday evening with Kathrin, my buddy for the next six months. We're getting along very well, which is nice of course, I'm quite sure she'd tell you the same thing :) We've started keeping a sort of video-diary which I'm hoping to upload somewhere at some point.. but it's fun to film ourselves and share how we feel with the camera. So far it's mainly us two giggling like a pair of twelve-year-olds.

Everything has been going well so far. We only knew that we would be picked up by a WFP driver so we were quite curious to see where we would stay (!), and when we would go to Dori, and of course what kind of work we would be doing and what the country would be like. We will be staying in Ouaga until October 2nd, as the head of the Dori office is on a mission until then. We're staying in a 'residence' shared with two other interns, who are very friendly. It's pretty basic- bed in bedroom, shelf, fans for the heat, little kitchen, bathroon and shower- but it's clean and safe and close by the office and in the centre of the city, so that's good. For the work, although we know we'll mainly be working with school feeding (the Dori office takes care of 500 schools, I'll explain more another time), still not very much more information. We did meet everyone at the office, can't remember most names, and are quite happy to have (very very) slow internet, some air conditioning, and friendly colleagues.

As for the country.. it really is another world. I knew that it would be, but there's nothing like being there for real of course. It's only been a day so this is only first impressions. Ouaga gives a bit of an unfinished impression, and there doesn't seem to be very much to do, but I like that it is quite green with trees, warm with reddish earth, and although many persistant people accost us in the street to sell things, everyone has been nice and friendly. We've had two meals and both have been great, this is of course a big plus in my books! As expected, it's very hot, there are mosquitoes, and the general pace of things is slow. But we're still both happy to be here, looking forward to the work and further discovering!

I'll leave it at that for now. Bye!


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