Tuesday, October 14, 2008

African rain

The weather changes very fast, first clouds appear, there is a cool breeze (making our whole terrace smell of the basil plant in the garden). The wind picks up, sand flies. Then drops start falling, a few, light but cold. Raindrops on the floor disappear within seconds because the floor is so hot. Then the wind rages, full of sand, dead insects, and two black plastic bags. Our window flies open. Kathrin had just cleaned the room and it is now covered in thin dust and scraps of white paint the wind blew off our walls. The rain starts pouring. The electricity switches off.

The rain is pouring and pouring. I can smell the red earth’s cries of thanks, the grateful plants’ prayers and hopefully this is good for the farmers too.

The wind has calmed down. The electricity is back on. The rain is still falling, and the sky thunders.

We danced a little rain dance, we filmed the rain, we even felt cold. The ground where we want to plant some seeds is perfectly moist now. Plants are greener, the air is lighter, it smells as delicious as ever. We know soon there will be no more rain, for months, so we are enjoying it.

Everything is calmer now, but the rain is still steady. Though the electricity is back, it is weak- the fan spins slowly, the light is faint, the fridge struggles.

For the whole evening the air remains lighter and fresher. People on the street greet us, ‘bonsoir, ca va, et la pluie? Oui, il fait bon!’ Everyone is happy it rained.


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