Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Did you know?

Janno style- did you know...

-to make bolognese sauce you use red wine?? I had to come all the way to Burkina to finally know why mine never tastes right! (When we were in Ouaga our American housemate Seth made bolognese sauce)

-the famous garlic chicken of Dori: half a chicken with very generous amounts of garlic, grilled but with some parts looking suspiciously undercooked (left those aside) on a plate. No rice or couscous or vegetables... No cutlery... Just chicken.

-we have not been ill yet. Despite everyone telling us it's only a matter of time, we are determined to make it healthy and strong for the whole six months.

-we managed to find two different types of fruits (bananas and watermelon) and two different types of vegetables (aubergines and wild aubergines) yesterday!! We added peanut butter to our rice and aubergines for some extra flavour- yummy.

-there was a scorpion in the bedroom today! After first losing it, we caught it in a cup (and took a picture, see the pictures link) and not knowing what to do, gave it to our landlord. Apparently this is pretty common (scorpions, not our landlord receiving them), aah..

-apart from food and beasts, we actually work here you know. What? Did I say work? Yes! We had a training all day yesterday- the WFP is decentralising the database for the monthly data on the PRRO Nutrition (Protracted Relief and Rehabilitation Operation :p) operation going on here (i.e. distributing food to malnourished children and malnourished pregant/breast-feeding women, plus some community courses on nutrition), so the monthly data on what's going on will be entered in the field directly, rather than in Ouaga. Entering data is not the most inspiring job, but it's necessary and since we can see how it fits in the whole operation, it feels nice and concrete. And very very soon there will be more exciting work.

-Kathrin and I named my video camera 'Steve'. We're not lonely or going crazy (really), it's just fun to call it something when we record our 'diaries' and other exciting events.


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