Monday, October 27, 2008

A quick word...

…before I leave for a 12-day mission! With Valian (Food Aid Monitor of the Dori office) and Cisse (driver) we will visit about 25 health centers in the Soum province. It takes that long because the distance between two centers can sometimes reach 100 km, which takes particularly long on the roller coaster roads. We'll be sleeping in Djibo every night, which is apparently a little like Dori, so not too much 'in the middle of nowhere'.

I'm quite excited but also a little sad to leave Kathrin, especially with a pile of dirty dishes :(. Not to say that she won't be doing absolutely fine :)

For those imagining me getting lost in the desert- our jeep has a massive antenna, as you may have seen on pictures- this is so that Ouaga can track us at any time, and we will be keeping in touch with them through the radio (which can even reach the WFP office in Dakar). The antenna is flexible so we don’t have to worry about hitting branches. And there is mobile network in Djibo.

Finally- a quick mention of the great weekend that we just spent with Quentin, who came to visit from Ouaga: motorbikes + the Sahel = perfection.


Blogger emma said...

Hello Alix,

How have you been? I have finally found some time to read through all the GEP'ers' blocks. Your stories make me jealous! I read that you have already been doing a lot of field trips, must be an unbelievable experience driving around, getting to know the country and its problems.

Enjoy the comming months, I will be checking your blog!

Bye, Emma (TNT GEP 2008)

October 31, 2008 10:14 AM  

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