Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Food Project

I had started this blog about a year and a half ago, as a way to share the 'GEP' experience with friends and family. For a little over six months, Kathrin and I lived in Dori, Burkina Faso, working as interns for the UN World Food Programme. This blog will barely have whispered (irregular) hints of our experiences, but, in my defense, it was a first dabble with this modern medium.

I've now been back living in The Netherlands for over six months, and left the blog hanging, never sharing any stories of our holidays in the last two weeks, during which we visited the south of the country, really concluding generally - partly because I've been very busy and haven't taken the time, partly because I don't really want to try to find the words - it was simply an invaluable life and professional experience, and a time that I treasure.

Today I don't really have to 'conclude' anymore, because, mainly inspired by living and working in Dori, Kathrin and I have a new project - instead of a conclusion, this is thus a new beginning! Allow me, then, to redirect you to our new website in order to find out more... A hint? West Africa + food + Kathrin + Alix = The Food Project!

For this project, we've entered a competition to get funding. We will try to realize this project irrespective of whether we win this particular contest, but it would of course be of great help as we could win up to 5.000€ (after the project is realised, profits will be donated).

In the first round the projects with the most votes will be selected - we need as MANY votes as possible before January 8th to make it to the second round (handing in a detailed project proposal, a bit like a business plan, and a jury decides on the 5 winners), so please visit our website, vote, and send it around!

In the spirit of The Food Project, a plate of (boiled maize/sorghum/millet flour), with sauce feuille (sorrel/roselle or manioc leaves), and a glass of bissap (roselle/hibiscus flower tea), which we had in a very small maquis in the centre of Dori.

See you soon for The Food Project!

(dressed up in our tuareg scarves)


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